Briskbit Mouse & Keyboard Center provides the functionality to control and interact with your computer by turning your iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5C/5S or iPhone 6/7/Plus into a Wi-Fi based remote control. You can interact with apps and play the games using built-in keyboard, trackpad and some common shortcut keys. This makes it an ideal remote control for your HTPC. The possibilities are infinite with Briskbit Mouse & Keyboard Center and whatever is possible with a keyboard, or a mouse you can do with our easy to use, intuitive and user-friendly App. 


  • iPhone 6/7 Plus
    • 85 keyboard keys, trackpad and 15 shortcut keys for Windows
    • 84 keyboard keys and trackpad  for Mac
  • iPhone 6/7
    • 82 keyboard keys, trackpad and 15 shortcut keys for Windows
    • 83 keyboard keys and trackpad  for Mac
  • iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S
    • 75 keyboard keys, trackpad and 6 shortcut keys for Windows
    • 79 keyboard keys and trackpad  for Mac
  • Supporting all your computer's games and applications
  • Multi-touch trackpad and gestures (including 2-finger scrolling and zooming)
  • Supports mouse left/right/middle/double-click
  • Application launcher buttons
  • Launch applications, open hyperlinks, documents and files
  • Works with Microsoft Windows and Apple OSX
  • Easy setup and configuration 
  • Wi-Fi based connectivity 
 Briskbit Keyboard & Mouse Center
Briskbit Gamepad App Icon
  • Only $0.99!
Available on the App Store  
  • Guest - Rafael

    Does the keyboard support different language layouts e.g. spanish?

  • Hi Rafael,
    Current version of the KM Center app. doesn't supports multi-language keyboard, but further versions of the app will include this functionality.
    Thank you,

  • I also used brisket mouse and keyboard for my iPhone 5s and find it pretty convenient to use especially for connecting with my computer.

    Comment last edited on about 2 months ago by Administrator
  • Unfortunately, it doensn't work with the last IOS. How to fix this problem? i'm working in proofreading, so it is useful for me

  • Hello Raymond,
    Please, download new app version 1.1 from AppStore and KM Server 1.0.7 from 'Downloads'.

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  • I have it but I want to uninstall it but every time I try to move it to the trash, it says 'The item “Mobile Mouse Server” can’t be moved to the Trash because it’s open.' but in the dock (I am on a Mac) it says that it is closed. I have already uninstalled the app on my iPhone, but it still doesn't work. Will you please help? do my essay for me

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