Gamepad for iPad

Briskbit Gamepad for iPad provides a unique and versatile means to control and interact with your computer by turning your iPad or iPad Mini into a wireless remote control for your computer. You can use it as a keyboard, trackpad, gamepad, mouse, or joystick but its best use is for playing games.

The App is just like a high-end universal remote. You can customize the buttons and their behavior differently to any program software on your computer. This makes it an ideal remote control for your HTPC. The possibilities are infinite with Briskbit Gamepad for iPad and whatever is possible with a Joystick, keyboard, or a mouse you can do with our coolest App.


  • Fully customizable keyboard keys, trackpad, joystick etc.
  • Supporting all your computer's games and applications
  • Programmable remote control
  • Multi-touch trackpad and gestures (including 2-finger scrolling)
  • Configurable gamepad
  • Full control of your computer
  • Application launcher buttons
  • Two finger scrolling
  • Launch applications
  • Open Hyperlinks
  • International multi-layout keyboard (coming soon)
  • Supporting configurable Macros
  • Multitasking
  • Works with Windows and soon with Mac
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Wi-Fi based connectivity suppresses Bluetooth or IR range
  • No line-of-sight hitches
  • No adapters, dongles, or any additional expensive peripherals required
  • Full Version Features
    • Unlimited games list - no limitation on the number of games that can be added
    • Full PC Control – an additional control panel that includes a trackpad, complete keyboard, multimedia buttons, and additional shortcut keys
    • Predefined gamepad profiles – a selection of predefined profiles each matching a specific game


  • Avoid the need to purchase expensive gamepads or universal remote controls
  • Play any type of games genre using a single controller – yes, your iPad
  • Impress your audience at speaking engagements or just veg out on the couch
  • Great clicker for your PowerPoint presentation
  • Control your classroom's interactive whiteboard

Gamepad Server System Architecture

Gamepad for iPad System
We think its the best Gamepad for playing PC games!
Give it try! The Lite version is FREE
Briskbit Gamepad Lite Version
Briskbit Gamepad App Lite Icon
  • Supporting 2 games
  • Macro functionality (1 set)
  • Custom label for a single key
  • No multi-user support
  • No Full PC Control feature
  • No predefined profiles
  • Free!
Available on the App Store
Briskbit Gamepad Full Version
Briskbit Gamepad App Icon
  • Unlimited number of games
  • Macro functionality (up to 256 sets)
  • Custom labels for unlimited keys
  • Multi-user support
  • Full PC Control feature
  • Predefined gamepad profiles
  • Only $2.99!
Available on the App Store

Fully Customizable

In addition, like a high-end universal remote, you can customize the buttons and tailor them to specific apps. This makes it an ideal remote control for your HTPC

Game On

Briskbit Gamepad for iPad comes with an integrated Gamepad Mode, letting you control your favorite PC games. Join a friend for a 1-on-1 sports showdown or beat the computer in a head-to-head race or fight. Possibilities are infinite with Briskbit Gamepad for iPad and whatever is possible with a Joystick, keyboard, mouse you can do with our coolest App.

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  • I am very happy to have stumbled onto your "Gamepad for iPad" app. It's veri intiutive, useful and a lot of fun as well! I am just learning all the possibilities I have with it.. indie greets, Elias Trajan!

  • Im very interested on purchasing this Software, but i tried the lite version and im having trouble using it with games like Half Life 2 and Portal. Trackpad works perfectly but WASD is not working. Also i got it working with Gone Home, but i dont know if there is a way of making it work with Source engine games. BTW couldnt make it work with POstal 2 so i guess it has nothing to do with the engine.

  • Now I have purchased this software, I can tell its a real wonder. Since my last post on this forum i've been in contact with the developer. He answered everything i asked and fastly corrected and added features I asked for. For instance a Saturday I asked for Steam games support since I was having trouble. He replied at most 3 hours later and almost 4 days later he sent a new server version. He has great customer support and it's a pleasure helping him and everyone interested on this app reporting bugs.

    TL;DR Buy the app if you are interested, great concept, great developer who listens and acts.

  • Briskbit Gamepad is big change in game market .Everything is very open with a very clear description of the issues. thesiswritings was definitely informative. Your site is very useful.