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Color Grabbing in action Briskbit Color Grabber allows you to quickly and easily sample the color value of any pixel on the screen and convert it to any HEX or DEC values matching Assembler, C, C++, C#, VB, and HTML formats. You can easily copy and paste the value into your development environment or design programs such as Adobe Photoshop.

Briskbit Color Grabber provides you with ability to apply Alpha transparency to the sampled value you just gabbed. When you copy the color value to the clipboard it includes the transparency settings as well releasing you from handling transparency in the application you are working with.

Briskbit Color Grabber is an easy to use, lightweight application that offers many options for a considerably easy task which may make you wonder what is there to improve. Well, there is. So register and download your absolutely FREE copy now.

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  • Guest - Victor Haas

    This is a great color grabber and it's been extremely useful so far. With design it's crucial to get all those colors to match the way you want them and this tool enables me to do exactly that, in a precise manner. Thanks a lot, Victor.

  • Thanks for sharing the information on this color grabber. These kind of tools make your work way better looking and exciting. You know also appreciates your effort of sharing all such stuff in best possible manner.

  • Briskbit Color Grabber is an excellent painting or illustrating tool. I did a washing machine repair denver illustration using this tool and it was great. The color variation was huge and all was good, this is good.

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