Briskbit Desktop Ruler

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Briskbit™ Desktop Ruler allows you to measure the sizes of any object on the screen quickly and easily. The results are present in pixels, inches and centimeters.


Briskbit Keyboard & Mouse Center for iPhone

available on the app storeWIFI Keyboard and Mouse Center for iPhone

Briskbit™ Keyboard & Mouse Center for iPhone is an App that turns your iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5C/5S or iPhone 6/7/Plus into a wireless remote control for your PC so you can use it as a keyboard, trackpad and mouse (see Video for Briskbit KM Ceneter for iPhone).

Try our Keyboard & Mouse Center for iPhone for and control your PC/Mac or use it as a wireless remote gamepad for playing games on your PC or Mac!

What's the color of this pixel?

Let Briskbit Color Grabber sample it and convert its value to any format you would like to

Briskbit Color Grabber iconBriskbit Color Grabber is a feature rich software used for sampling the precise color of any pixel on your screen and translating it to any value format you need.

Briskbit Color Grabber is a must have software for programmers, developer and UI designers.