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A macro is a sequence of "scripted" keyboard strokes that is "played" upon demand. The macro sends simulated keystrokes to the Briskbit Gamepad app and the app responds to each keystroke as though you had performed it manually. This allows repetitive tasks to be automated with high speed and reliability. Great for gaming and other repetitive tasks!

Briskbit Gamepad uses a single keystroke to trigger the Macro to begin simulating the keystrokes sequence.

Creating a Macro

Macros are created as part of a Gamepad profile. As of Briskbit Gamepad version 1.3.0, when you access the Create / Edit Gamepad phase, the top bar includes a yellow Macro icon that can be added to the profile being edited. Click on the icon followed by the Add button (plus sign) to add a Macro Key to the profile.

New key is added to the gamepad and the Macro Editor window opens.

The Macro structure

The Macro has a Trigger Key that when pressed, executes a collection of Macro Blocks. Each Macro Block contains a sequence of Actions. An Action is a keyboard stroke simulation.

Trigger Key  →  Macro Blocks  →  Actions

You can use other keys or mouse simultaneously while a Macro is being executed.

The Trigger Key

The Trigger Key is the key found on the gamepad that triggers the Macro to be executed.

The Trigger Key has the following configuration:
Name: the Macro name which is displayed on the trigger key
Size: The size of the trigger key
Repeat Macro: Indicates how many times the entire Macro sequence needs to be executed when clicked once
Macro Delay: When Repeat Macro is greater than 1, this indicates the time in milliseconds between the repeat intervals or when next Macro occurs. When a Macro is triggered while a previous Macro is being executed, the new Macro will be queued and "played" once the active Macro finishes executing.

Macro Blocks

Macro Block is a container of Actions. Macro must contain at least 1 Macro Block. Additional Macro Blocks are simulated based on their order of appearance in the Macro Blocks list.

The Macro Block has the following configuration:
Name: the Macro Block name
Repeat: Indicates how many times the entire collection of Actions in the Macro Block needs to be executed when the Macro is triggered
Block Delay: When Repeat Macro Block is greater than 1, this indicates the time in milliseconds between the repeat intervals or next Macro Block in queue
Plus:Adds a Macro Block
Minus: Removes a Macro Block
Arrow Up:
Selected Macro Block moves up one position
Arrow Down:
Selected Macro Block moves down one position

Block Actions

Block Actions are collections of keyboard strokes called Actions. An action represents any keyboard stroke you make.

A Block Action has the following configuration:
Key: refers to the keyboard key. Use the keyboard icon to select the key
Delay: The time in milliseconds before the next Block Action or Macro Block occurs
Action: The keystroke action being performed
   Down -> Pressing the key and keeping it down
   Up -> releasing a key that is currently pressed down
   Press -> Pressing and releasing the key
Plus: Adds a Block Action
Minus: Removes a Block Action
Arrow Up: Selected Block Action moves up one position
Arrow Down: Selected Block Action moves down one position


If you want to switch to Missiles using the “M” key and then shoot 3-4 missiles using the Space Bar then the Block Actions should look like the following:

  1. Key: M, Action: PRESS, Delay: 0ms
  2. Key: SPACEBAR, Action DOWN, Delay:3000ms (stay down for 3 seconds to shoot 3-4 missiles)
  3. Key: SPACEBAR, Action UP, Delay: 0ms

If you want to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete then the Block Actions should look like the following:

  1. Key: CTRL, Action: DOWN, Delay: 0ms
  2. Key: ALT, Action: DOWN, Delay: 0ms
  3. Key: DELETE, Action: DOWN, Delay: 500ms
  4. Key: CTRL, Action: UP, Delay: 0ms
  5. Key: ALT, Action: UP, Delay: 0ms
  6. Key: DELETE, Action: UP, Delay: 0ms
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