Gamepad for iPad

 Rich and convenient help system is represented in floating and re-sizable window

help window


Drag window – tap with one finger any place without buttons on title bar and move the finger without lifting

Re-size window – tap on re-size window button and the move the finger left or/and up to increase the help window or right or/and down to decrease it

Maximize window – tap on maximize window button to re-size the help window to full screen

Restore window – tap on  button to restore the help window from full screen

Close window – tap on  button to close the help window

Navigation buttons – tap on   button to navigate on previous page or  button to navigate forward 

Support – tap on  button to send us mail

Rate Us – Dear Briskbit User, If you like using our applications please take a minute and tap on  button to rate us in the App Store. We truly appreciate it. Thank you!

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