Gamepad Server

Installing Gamepad Server

  1. Go to to register and download Briskbit&trade Gamepad Server
  2. Once downloaded double click the installation file “BBServerSetup.exe”
  3. You may be prompt to allow the installation to run – click Yes
    User account control message - click yes
  4. Follow the wizard’s onscreen instructions
  5. After the installation process is complete check the Launch Application checkbox and click Finishbutton
    Complete setup and launch application - click finish
  6. You may be prompt to allow the program to run – click Yes
    User account control message - click yes
  7. You may be prompt to unblock some features of the program on Windows Firewall or any other Firewall installed on your computer. If the application is hosted on public networks make sure to check the Public Networks checkbox. After that click the Allow Accessbutton
    User account control message - click yes

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