Gamepad Server

Adding applications to Host server

  1. Open Briskbit Game Server application
  2. In the application main screen click the Openbutton
    Application main screen - click open
  3. In the Open Game dialog navigate to the executable file of the game you want to play then click the Openbutton
    Selece the executable file pf the game you want to play  - click open
  4. New Game Properties popup window opens allowing you to provide name, description, and genre to the game – these are all optional. Click the Add Gamebutton
    Selece the executable file pf the game you want to play  - click open
  5. Click the Savebutton to save the game set.
    Save the game set  - click save
  6. You can add as many games as you like by repeating stages 2 -5.
    NOTE: Using Briskbit Gamepad for iPad Lite editions will allow you to play only 2 games from the Games List
  7. Open and connect the Briskbit Gamepad for iPad to display and play the new games - enjoy!

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