Color grabber

Briskbit™ Color Grabber is a feature rich software used for sampling the precise color of any pixel on your screen and translating it to any value format you need. The software basically samples in real-time each pixel the cursor is hovering on when you move the mouse.

Icons Explained

Start grab icon Start Grab Starts the sampling process – once clicked the sampling process begins. No
Stop grab icon Stop Grab Stops the sampling process.
You can also use the mouse left or middle click to stop the sampling process.
Edit mode on Edit Mode - On Allows you to type custom color value without using the sampling process. Type a value in the Value field to preview the color. No
Edit mode off Edit Mode - Off Disables the Value field from manual editing Yes
Show magnifier on Show magnifier Shows the Floating Magnifier Window below the cursor and enlarges the pixel being sampled Yes
Show magnifier off Hide magnifier Hides the Floating Magnifier Window below the cursor and enlarges the pixel being sampled No
Always on top on Always on top on Pins the window on top of other screens Yes
Always on top off Always on top off Unpins the window from being on top of other windows No
Open windows color dialog Color Window Shows the Windows Color dialog NA
Copy color to clipboard Copy Color Copies the sampled color value in the specified format to the clipboard NA
Help icon Help Shows online help pages NA
About icon About Shows the About window NA

Using Color Grabber

Briskbit Color Grabber allows you to sample any color on the screen. The color sampled can be converted to many formats and then copied to the clipboard so it can be pasted into other software.

Grabbing a color

  1. click the pipette icon Start grab icon
  2. Move your mouse towards the area you want to sample the color needed
    • The application samples the color found exactly below the cursor's hot spot – the sampled value is in its native RGB format
      In the Preview area you will see a preview of the color being sampled Preview area
      The Value field will display the sampled color value in native RGB format Color value field
      The R, G, B, and A values are dynamically changed with the mouse movement according to the sampled color value Dynamically chaged color values
  3. To stop grabbing you can either use the:
    • Left mouse click; or
    • Middle mouse click in cases where left click changes the sample color

Format Conversion

Once you sampled a color or typed in a RGB color value, you can convert it to different values.

The available options are:

Color Models

Available color models
  • RGB - Red, Green, Blue
  • RGBA - Red, Green, Blue, Alpha
  • BGR - Blue, Green, Red
  • BGRA - Blue, Green, Red, Alpha
  • HSB - Hue, Saturation, Brightness
  • HSBA - Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Alpha

Color Values

Available color values
  • ASM - Values that match Assembler programming requirements
  • C/C++/C# - Values that match C, C++, and C# programming requirements
  • VB - Values that match Visual Basic programming requirements
  • HTML - Values that match HTML and CSS requirements
  • HTML w/o - Values that match HTML and CSS requirements without the # prefix
  • Objective C - ARGB values are presented in the range of [0, 1]

Mathematical Base

Mathematical Base Hex or Dec

Specifies the mathematical base used for displaying the color value

  • HEX - Hexadecimal (base 16) numeral system
  • DEC - Decimal (base 10) numeral system

Copy to clipboard structure

Copy to clipboard structure

Specifies what value should be copied to the clipboard

  • VAL - the value in the Value field
  • RGB - the value in the R,G,B, and A or H, S, B, and A fields with the appropriate punctuation

Predefined and Manual Values

You can also use Color Grabber to convert either predefined system colors or colors that you manually type into the application.

Known Colors- displays a list of predefined system colors

predifined system known colors

Color Window– Windows native color select window

Open windows Color dialog

Manual editing– allows you to type in a value in the Value field.

Manual editing

In order to enable editing of the Value field click the Edit Mode toggle button to be On Edit mode on.
In order to stop editing click Edit Mode toggle button to be Off Edit mode off.

Copying Converted Color

Once the color value shown in the Preview window is the color you want to use in your application, you can use the Copy Color Copy color button to copy the color value to the clipboard so it can be pasted into other applications.

The value of the color being copied is taken from either:

  • Value field; or from
  • RGB/HSB values

According to what is selected in the Format values
value of the copied color