Desktop Ruler



Quick Access Buttons


Desktop Ruler Close Button  - Close (or Alt + X)


Desktop Ruler Minimize Button - Minimize (or Alt + M)


Desktop Ruler Flip Button - Flip horizontal / vertical (or Alt + F)


Desktop Ruler Slide Button - Slide to zero (or Alt + Z)


Desktop Ruler Top Most Button - Top Most / regular (or Alt + T)





Desktop Ruler Drag          


For dragging the ruler simply press left mouse button on ruler and start moving the mouse.






Desktop Ruler Resize


For resizing the ruler simply move the mouse cursor to left or right side of the ruler and then press left mouse button and start moving the mouse.      




Context Menu


Desktop Ruler Context Menu


To open the context menu just click right mouse button on ruler.





Desktop Ruler Colors Dialog


From ‘colors’ dialog you can change the rulers visual style like background gradient type, background gradient high and low colors, ticks color and etc. If you want to restore standard visual style press on ‘Defaults’ button. Below is presented the ruler custom visual style.


Desktop Ruler Cusom Visual Styles          





From this menu point can be choose small or normal font.           





Desktop Ruler Ticks


From this menu point can be choose another representations:


Desktop Ruler Bottom Orientation - Right / Down


Desktop Ruler Up Orientation - Left / Up





Desktop Ruler Units





From this menu point can be choose measure units: Pixels, Inches or Centimeters.


Desktop Ruler Inches 



Enjoy using our Desktop Ruler!